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Simon Longstaff

In Australia, there is an event called the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, with some high-calibre contributors, like Salman Rushdie and Steven Pinker. One of the speakers they invited was one

HBV and risk management

UN Women

I was invited to present at a side-panel being held at the fifty-seventh session of the Commission on the Status of Women taking place at the United Nations Headquarters in

A history of ‘honour’


This is another, far longer section of writing which was removed from my thesis after the advice of the examiners. It’s kind of a history of how ‘honour’-based violence may have

One girl, three cows and a donkey


This blog was co-authored with my friend Janan Aljabiri using some of her work in Iraq and part of my thesis. The Fair Observer published it – changing the title to make it more SEO friendly – but since that’s not a consideration here, I’ll keep the original.

Iraq’s decline into chaos has led to the reemergence of compensation marriages to settle disputes between tribes.

The use of marriage as a means of averting blood-feuds and vendetta killings is ancient, found in texts from the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf to the 16th century Sharafnâma. Read more


Interesting composition on the group panel

It seems as if I’ve let the blog go quiet after finishing my PhD. Actually, I’ve been super-busy writing and working for Fuuse, and my new employer Deeyah Khan. This involved following up on the broadcast of Jihad, developing new projects and helping organise events. Please keep an eye on my Researchgate page if you’re interested in following my work!

‘Honour’ and the Political Economy of Marriage: My thesis is online!


I woke up and checked my messages to find out that my thesis has now been published online at ORCA. So, if anyone wants to read it, it’s downloadable as a (big-ass) pdf at this link. Read more

The making of the Mesopotamian sex class


Fourth and final part of my history sequence which was cut from my thesis!

Part one: A history of honour
Part two: The cradle of patriarchy
Part three: The castrated woman Read more

The castrated woman

20120217-farm trillage with oxen

Third part in my four part series of reusing bits of my thesis. This one is about the impact of new understandings of reproduction on women’s roles and the development of patrilinear logic.

Part one: A history of honour
Part two: The cradle of patriarchy
Part three: The castrated woman
Part four: The making of the Mesopotamian sex class

Read more