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Five minutes podcast: HBV and cousin marriage

I’m a nervous speaker so I like to record everything I plan to say. Anyway, I have just five minutes to present to a research group tomorrow, so here is my prep.

Lucretia’s Example

I recently had my viva and, woo, I’m kind of a Dr now. But the examiners insisted that various bits and pieces be removed from the thesis. I do tend to go on. So that these are not lost to the ages, I figured I would pop them up here. Recycling: not just for my wine bottles! I’ve illustrated it with a lot of pictures of Lucretia: the repeated combinations of bare breasts and violent penetration feels pretty squicky.

In the interests of demonstrating the validity of considering crimes from such variant cultures as being connected to a similar paradigm, this appendix is a brief history of HBV in Italy. Read more

Lecture: Policing HBV

I like to time my lectures by recording them. It’s a bit obsessive, admittedly, but it does mean I end up with MP3s I can use. I did put these up on Slideshare, but they have now deleted all audio, so my lecture from last year is lost to the ages. I’ve rerecorded it – with a few changes – and embedded a slideshow so you can play along at home. I wish I had a sound effect of Tinkerbell ringing her little bell, but I’ve just said ‘Next slide’ or something like that instead.

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HMIC will be inspecting the forces provision of services in cases of HBV in 2015.

So-called Honour Based Violence (HBV) – The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) defines HBV as “a crime or incident, which has or may have been committed to protect or defend the honour of the family and/or community”. ACPO‟s guidance to forces on tackling HBV suggests that under-reporting might be an issue, and that there is still much to be achieved if victims are to feel empowered to come forward and seek help. HMIC proposes conducting an inspection to examine this complex and sensitive area of under-reported serious crime, how far the police are aware of it and how well they are tackling it.

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Last night I staggered back into Cardiff after attending the British Society of Criminology‘s conference in Liverpool – a wonderful experience, where I met loads of lovely people, and had a few interesting ideas, and also had rather a lot of trouble sleeping due to the heat. I also won the poster competition. If you want to see/download the poster, there’s a link here: HBV Culture or Kinship 72dpi. It’s largely based on the ideas and findings you’ll find in this casual post, and there’s a proper paper forthcoming.

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