Lecture: Policing HBV

I like to time my lectures by recording them. It’s a bit obsessive, admittedly, but it does mean I end up with MP3s I can use. I did put these up on Slideshare, but they have now deleted all audio, so my lecture from last year is lost to the ages. I’ve rerecorded it – with a few changes – and embedded a slideshow so you can play along at home. I wish I had a sound effect of Tinkerbell ringing her little bell, but I’ve just said ‘Next slide’ or something like that instead.

Stupidly, I put on a headset and started rabbiting away from my script, and didn’t realise that the headset wasn’t plugged in until 10 minutes were already recorded. So all the sound comes from the internal mic on my dying Macbook. The MP3 is here in the standard podcast format down at the very bottom, but also as a Soundcloud, because I think they look cool.

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