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Well (she says, updating her site for the first time in several, several years), looks like that idea that turned into a theory that turned into an obsession that turned into a doctorate has now finally turned into a book – a real one, with a cover image and an index and everything.

Now that my book is now in its final form, I have so many people to acknowledge. It was in 2005 that I first volunteered at IKWRO, already eager to understand at least something about how violence against women might be different within different family structures. So it is thanks to Diana Nammi, Kharman Adhim, Nazira Mehmari, Nezahat Cihan and many of the other women there that this book got its first wind.

The next stage was taking it through the PhD process with the generous support and wisdom from Dr Amanda Robinson and Professor Debbie Epstein.

Finally, it was accepted for publication at Rutgers University Press with the support of Lalaie Ameeriar and Peter Berta, and turned into an actual book through the work of Jasper Chang, Sherry Gerstein, and many other people in the publishing industry whose names I don’t know.

It’s a particularly fine-looking book due to Ronak Mohammed kindly allowing me to use her powerful artwork on the front cover. I should also thank my wonderful friend Deeyah Khan for writing a lovely foreword.

If you can’t read the tiny print in the image, the 30% off code is 02AAAA17 , and a link to the book on Rutgers site is available here.

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