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Five minutes podcast: HBV and cousin marriage

I’m a nervous speaker so I like to record everything I plan to say. Anyway, I have just five minutes to present to a research group tomorrow, so here is my prep.

The Fatherline and the Republic of Cousins

The Fatherline

(Edited to change the findings graphic to something more striking.)

Way back when the thesis that’s now a great chunk of paper on the floor to my right was just a bunch of ideas rotating around my head, I decided that I would take a tack to explain HBV which based in kinship rather than culture.

One of the most important terms I’ve had to learn and use to accomplish this is patriline.

A patriline is:

a system in which an individual belongs to his or her father’s lineage. It generally involves the inheritance of property, names, or titles through the male line. A patriline is literally a father line; one’s patriline is one’s father and his father and his father… and so on….

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