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Agnation, collectivity and ‘honour’

Now I’ve worked out how to use Garage Band, I can make my presentations available as podcasts as well as slidecasts. So take your pick!


This is the follow up to my earlier post about forms of violence affecting Middle Eastern women in the UK.

Chain Migration

‘Honour’ in transition

There is a gendered pattern of chain migration, especially predominant within communities where women have less liberties to travel alone, where a man arrives as an immigrant and later receives a bride from his country of origin. Many of the women I have researched for my earlier discussion of differences between HBV and IPV fit into this category: they are first generation immigrants, dependent upon their husbands financially and legally. Read more

What’s the difference?

Sparkle Rai

Sparkle Rai: Murdered on the orders of her father-in-law

Back in 2007, the mother-in-law and husband of Surjeet Athwal were sentenced to life for arranging for her murder in Punjab. The Surjeet case was widely described as an ‘honour’ killing in the press, on the basis that Surjeet was engaged in an affair and sought to leave her husband. One right-wing blog displayed a picture of Bachan Athwal, the mother-in-law, in traditional Sikh dress, entitled ‘Muslim Granny Kills Daugther-in-law for Honour’ above an anti-Muslim diatribe. When I attempted to correct the blogger, he informed me that Sikhism was a branch of Islam –  at which point I decided he didn’t deserve the compliment of rational opposition. Such a co-option of ‘honour’ to an anti-Muslim agenda is widespread. I will not link to Pamela Gellar but you are welcome to google her. Read more

HBV within the framework of violence against women

Questions of honour

Short (5 minutes) presentation on how ‘honour’-based violence can be described fits in as a sub-category to the broader conceptualisation of violence against women.