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As I might have mentioned, I recently went to the UN for CSW57. Although I was there for just a single day, the atmosphere was dynamic, with busy  women with bulging folders darting about, queuing up for sessions, with a wonderful and energising sense of collaboration across women of all nations and backgrounds. While waiting to enter, I sat (and smoked) next to the logo near the entrance (in the picture) and took photographs of countless cheerful activist women who wanted proof that they were involved in this, that they were playing a part in developing policy and shaping a better future of women across the world. A promise is a promise was the tagline for the event, and for a glorious moment, it felt promising. Read more

The ‘marriage crisis’ and the age of consent

According to Iranian Christian news site Mohabat, Mohammad Ali Isfenani, a spokesperson for the Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) has recently discussed changing the age for girl’s marriage to what they consider to be the Islamically approved age of nine lunar years of age (i.e .eight years and nine months in the Western calendar.)

Schoolgirls in Iran

Schoolgirls in Iran

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Divorce: Iranian style

Just found this important documentary on Youtube while researching a post that I may finish later today. It’s definitely worth viewing if you haven’t seen it before.