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The shari’a card

Demonstration against shari'a law

Demonstration against shari’a law in London, 2009

Kecia Ali identifies a core problem through all schools of Islamic law based on a close scrutiny of the core texts: the status of wife and the status of slave are constantly presented in parallel – statuses are applied and extrapolated from one position of dependence to another. There are reasons then, to have concerns about legal systems which stake their distinctiveness in  continuity with this paradigm. Certainly, clients of IKWRO have expressed fury at shoddy and discriminatory treatments in shari’a courts, of the type exposed in the C4 documentary Divorce: Sharia Style. Read more

The ‘marriage crisis’ and the age of consent

According to Iranian Christian news site Mohabat, Mohammad Ali Isfenani, a spokesperson for the Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) has recently discussed changing the age for girl’s marriage to what they consider to be the Islamically approved age of nine lunar years of age (i.e .eight years and nine months in the Western calendar.)

Schoolgirls in Iran

Schoolgirls in Iran

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